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    Jude Thomas Smith
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    How It Works

    Commissions are not fixed. However, using an example of a 6% commission and a 50:50 split between the Listing and Selling Brokers, 3% would go to the agent that lists the property, and 3% would go to the agent that produces the buyer. (Note: 3% is just an example. When you list, you can offer the buyer's broker whatever you choose such as 1%, 2%, 4%, etc.)

    With AmeriSellRealty.com you pay a one-time low listing fee to list your property, and if an agent brings you a buyer, pay that agent a commission, which is half of what you would normally pay based on the above example. Furthermore, if you sell your own property as a For Sale By Owner, you will not pay the 3% buyer agent commission, saving you even $1000's more.

    The bottom line is you can have many of the benefits of For Sale By Owner marketing while still being listed on the MLS with an agent at the same time.  So you will have the best of both worlds.

    Get maximum exposure for your property by purchasing a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) ad with AmeriSellRealty.com.

    When your property is placed on the Multiple Listing Service, all real estate agents that subscribe to the service in the area, which are the vast majority, will have instant access to the property information.  More than 4 out of 5 properties are listed on the MLS.  What many people don't know is that they can have the benefits of the MLS without paying a high commission.

    As buyers discuss their needs with a real estate agent, the agent simply goes to his or her computer and searches the MLS for properties matching the buyer's criteria.  If your property is on the MLS, the agent will easily locate it if it matches the buyer's criteria.

    We have developed a Flat Fee MLS listing program, to assist property sellers with the most extensive property selling resources.  As well as, offering unlimited access to important real estate data and information, historically available only through licensed Real Estate Agents and Realtors.

    It only takes a few minutes to get started.  LIST NOW.

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